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About Dr. Prem Gupta

Best Astrologer in Mumbai

Dr. Prem Gupta is one of the leading consultants of Jyotish Shastra and Vastu Shastra in India. A doctorate in Vastu and Palmistry from Colombo University, Sri Lanka, he has been consulting individuals and businesses for over 36 years.

An expert practitioner, celebrated speaker, newspaper columnist. With his intriguing intuitional command, he has been a guiding light for more than 18000 lives and hundreds of businesses.

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Astrology Services in Mumbai - Dr. Prem Gupta ASTROLOGY
Best Palmist in Mumbai - Dr. Prem Gupta PALMISTRY
Vastu Expert in Mumbai VASTU
Best Numerologist in Mumbai NUMEROLOGY
Best Face Reader in Mumbai FACE READING
Astrology and Vastu Consultant in Mumbai

Dr. Prem Gupta is a leading astrology scholar in India. With over 36 years of experience, his services are based extensive knowledge and his passion for this science. He uses a unique blend of Astrology and Palmistry to offer a 360 degree consultancy. He enlightens you on the impact of astrology in day-to-day life with an enhanced approach to life.

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Best Palmistry Consultant in Mumbai

Dr. Prem Gupta is an expert in Samudrik Vigyan with intuition. Through decades of research, experience, and analysis, he has mastered the art of palmistry. With an amalgamation of palmistry with astrology he is able to chart out a complete analysis about an individual and provide solutions to almost any questions and queries. You will realise a true guide in his readings.

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Vastu Shastra Consultant in Mumbai

Dr. Prem Gupta believes that the laws of vastu are not just a set of theoretical rules and guidelines to be applied at any given place. He customizes the offering for every individual, type of construction and the purpose through a combination of Astrology, Numerology and Vastu Shastra. He does not believe in only solving the problem but providing a holistic solution.

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Indian Numerologist

Dr. Prem Gupta offers expert consultancy for numerology-based solutions. He has extensive experience and insight in this field. He has provided successful guidance and suggestions to thousands of clients. You are able to take fruitful decisions when you know, there is a guide and your lucky number to accompany you.He helps you unlock the mystery of names and numbers.

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Face Reading Specialist in Mumbai

With years of experience in the field (Profession), Dr. Prem Gupta reads a face as he reads a book. Being a keen student of this science, he observes and analyzes his clients from the moment they walk into a consulting session. He offers complete solutions through face reading and body language analysis. He enlightens you about your own qualities.

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Jeevan Utsav Services in Mumbai

Dr. Prem Gupta provides one of the most comprehensive matrimonial services in India. Right from analyzing the birth charts, to suggesting the auspicious wedding date and solemnising the wedding, he offers a 360 degree consulting. He counsels people on how to make and maintain relations when tied the nuptial knot. He helps in starting and upholding a happily married life.

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Jeevan PARIVARTAN Services in Mumbai

Dr. Prem Gupta provides remedies through interactions and conversations and not through spiritual items or astrological practices alone. If you are unable to overcome the setbacks you faced in the past and drastic events of the present depresses you, then you need a counselor, a guide, and an improver. Dr. Prem Gupta believes in 360 Degree Consulting.

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Vastu for Business Growth

360 degree Corporate Consultancy. Individuals invest in man, machine, and assets to run businesses. Dr. Prem Gupta offers complete business consultancy by analyzing the various factors effecting business and providing suggestions, making modifications to the business identity, premises, communications, and even personnel. You may have a flourishing business but there are always options of going from better to the best.

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Shubhanjali Services in Mumbai

Spiritual items and artefacts assume a lot of importance for vastu, Feng Shui and astrology practitioners. Gems, gemstones, beads, shankhs, rudrakshmala, pyramid, crystal ball etc. hold significance for the healing and treatment process. Dr. Prem Gupta offers you the guidance for procuring and using these effectively. He educates you on its requirement, effects, and proper usage of these divine items.

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Puja-Anushthan in Mumbai

Dr. Prem Gupta offers complete consultancy and recommends Puja-Anushthan and rituals for various reasons like - to usher success, improve financial conditions, ease marital problems, solve plaguing issues that stem from the horoscope, to ward off evil and so on. The most authentic materials and methods for Puja-Anushthans as described in the ancient texts are advised by him.

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Meet Famous Indian Astrologer Dr. Prem Gupta


  • "I was seriously debt ridden. I seemed to have done all the right things, but I was still unsuccessful. Dr. Prem Gupta simply studied my House with respect to Vastu and suggested a few changes! His suggestions about Vastu and Puja-Anushthan just changed my life completely."

    A successful businessman from Jalandhar
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  • "My family and our extended family were facing many obstacles while searching for suitable life partners for our children. There were marital issues plaguing others too. When we approached Dr. Prem Gupta, he carefully analyzed our problem and traced the problem to an ancestral issue. He helped us put things right!"

    Happy Father
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  • "I always felt that no. 9 was my lucky number, it brought me success. Things soon changed. Dr. Prem Gupta intervened and suggested that my current assets should total to no. 3 while the fixed assets can remain at no. 9. I made the change and my life changed completely! I would truly recommend Dr. Prem Gupta, as he is the best numerologist I have ever found."

    A Successful Numerology follower
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  • "I was unsuccessful at every job. Dr. Prem Gupta advised me to stop worrying as I was destined to own a flourishing business. I took his advice and have never looked back! Dr. Prem Gupta is really the best astrologer in Mumbai"

    A Successful individual from Mumbai
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Where there is life, there are problems and also their ill effects.


Kaldarshan (Calendar)
For conducting your daily affairs


Samay Panchang
For getting success while following Muhurat

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The Samay Panchang, by Dr. Prem Gupta is an annual edition and is one of the most authentic and genuine Panchang one can find. The Panchang, also called the Panchangam, is a Hindu Vedic Calendar, which is a compilation of the everyday auspicious timings, happenings, important dates and Mahurats for a whole year. It is a table prepared through proper calculations and knowhow in the field of astronomy.