Do You Know the Truth Behind Indian Astrology ?

05 September 2017 | Astrology

Try dividing the country into two groups - those who believe in astrology and those who don't. You know you will find most people swearing by it. Go ahead and ask a few of them why. The answer you'll get willhave a very common word to them - god.

Reincarnating Your Earthly Existence With Jeevan Parivartan Counseling in Mumbai 28 August 2017 | Jeevan Parivartan

To change, you need to focus on all your energies, building new ones. And every dawn is your chance to change. What you need is proper guidance to emphasise and enrich your potential and have a clearer view of the path ahead. Most people are...

Culminate Your Conscious Conflicts With Astrology Counseling and More 22 August 2017 | Astrology

Back in 2012, statistics revealed, 1 out of every 5 Indians requires counseling. The number has certainly increased today. As stress, anxiety, depression, etc. have become the major reasons; experts suggest few of the most effective methods to deal with it...