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Culminate Your Conscious Conflicts With Astrology Counseling and More

22 August 2017


Back in 2012, statistics revealed, 1 out of every 5 Indians requires counseling. The number has certainly increased today. As stress, anxiety, depression, etc. have become the major reasons; experts suggest few of the most effective methods to deal with it - the first one being astrology counseling.

1. The concept of Astrological Counseling

In this therapy, the counsellor uses his knowledge of astrology to make his/her clients understand their own problems with a clearer mind, deal with those issues and ultimately develop to be successful.

Astrology and Psychology

Back in 1929, C.G. Jung, an eminent psychologist once said, "The synopsis of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity is represented by Astrology". Today, the principles and practice of traditional astrology has astriking similarity with modern psychological thought, which has given this counseling concept a professional recognition.

So, how can people benefit from Astrological Counseling?

If astrologyis combined with psychology in the counseling process, people can have the following benefits for dealing with their everyday issues.

  • This helps people realise their potential of what they can achieve rather than relying blindly on fate and previous experiences.
  • As their understandings develop with this process, they canmake more conscious choices.
  • Inspires one to move ahead with optimistic goals.
  • Largely helps in dealing with inescapable fears.

Once a person understands the 'pattern of cyclic activity', he or she starts believing that life is not completely chaotic. It adds meaning to every experience of his/hers. Detangling those issues thus becomes easier.

Thisis a very practical approach balancing all the philosophical, psychological and spiritual aspects. To state it simply, this process of healing can assist people to know the crisis and overcome it withease.

2. Second approach to a successful life - Vastu Shastra Counseling

While you heal your mind with Astro-counseling, it is imperative to optimise your surrounding too with Vastushastra. Itis all about balancing the vibrations of energies around - eliminating the negativity and enhancing the positivity.

Vastushastra is the science of architecture that reads patterns, layout, design, measurements, etc. of a building and describes their principles and significance. To state it simply, Vastu principles help balance man and material to ensure positive energy flow.

How can Vastu Shastra Counseling help people?

A building design as per Vastushastra principles creates apsychological, spiritual and physical effect on a person. So, proper counseling -

  • Ensures harmony within the building - Living Space, Office, etc.
  • Offers good health, convenience and comfort.
  • Improves relationships and well-being.
  • Helps in reducing stress, tension and anxiety.
  • Provides one with inner satisfaction.

Vastu Shastra allows one to utilise the infinite energy of the Sun in the best way possible. It, therefore,has a permanent effect as the Earth has been rotating in a geostationary position around the Sun for more than 400 years now. The rotation is creating a magnetic effect since then.

However, people need to ensure that they are getting counselled by a reputed counsellor in Mumbai.

3. Third is to seek blessings from the Almighty - Counseling for Puja Anushthan

Most of all, one cannot ignore the importance of offerings to God (the superpower of energy) for a successful life. As every planet emits radiations which enter the Earth's atmosphere, it affects people's lives both positively and negatively. Puja-anusthan can ward off those negative impacts.

How can Counseling help here?

  • Puja Anushthan Counseling can help understand the significance, purpose and right time of rituals.
  • Guides in enhancing the effects of planets in a positive way.
  • Guides with the basic principles of the specific Puja Anusthan
  • Helps in accurate execution of the rituals and formalities.

Numerology - Another effective approach for a greater insight:

Besides all these, the science of number or numerology is another interesting and precise method that can help people in understanding their various opportunities and influences. It's more like a self-help tool. Proper counseling here can give greater insight into one's life, relationships, challenges and everything.

Above all, what's the purpose of Counseling?

#Problem : People speak, think, do, react, etc. without listening to what they are speaking, thinking, doing, or how they are reacting, etc.

#Solution : Counseling helps to become reflective. And being reflective enables one to replay this whole sequence of saying, thinking, doing, reacting and the most important thing - observe these.

As a result, one can identify where things are originating; in which direction those are moving. They can regulate their actions accordingly.The only thing is that you must choose a trustworthy and reputed counsellor from the best numerology agency in Mumbai. Most of them also offer Astrology, Vastushastra, Puja Anusthan.