Case Studies

  1. 1
    Financial Problems

    The client was going through losses in his Real Estate Business. As a result he had turned out to be very frustrated. He used to vent out anger on his family members creating a rift in the relationships. The more he tried coming out of losses, the more he got into debts.

    The Solution
    “The solution for majority problems lies inside us and not in the outside world. The faster we are able to understand this fact the faster we are able to solve the problem.”
    After studying the client’s Birth Charts, when Dr. Prem Gupta explained the above mentioned fact to him, the client realized that, in reality, he had no interest in the Real Estate business. Initially, the business went on well because his partner had a lot of interest in this business. But after parting ways, the business came to a standstill. Getting no support from Mars (Mangal Graha) gives rise to this kind of situation. After resolving issues relating to Mars (Mangal Graha), his new business kept growing on the path of success.

  2. 2
    Health Problems

    The client’s grandmother was suffering through multiple health problems. An improving health condition would be compensated by new medical problem. The family members tried every possible remedy. They took her to specialists and dedicatedly followed the treatment procedures. His grandmother had lost all hopes of living and was ready to give up on life. It also took a toll on the family.

    The Solution
    Looking at the Face of the client’s grandmother, Dr. Prem Gupta, a Face Reading Expert, noticed that she has a black spot on her forehead’s life line which was giving a clear indication that if she’s taken out from this city and given treatment, she will be relieved soon. The client accepted his suggestion. After around 10 days, the grandmother’s health started to show signs of improvement.

  3. 3
    Family Issues

    The client had strained relations with his brother over property issues. Because of this, the family members did not speak with each other. An atmosphere of sadness and tension was created in both the houses. It also started affecting the children. The client was very upset with his life and so were both the families.

    The Solution
    When one brother came with this problem, a ring with a very beautiful black stone in his second finger every time caught the attention of Dr. Prem Gupta. After listening to the entire problem, when the client was told that the finger ring is the root cause of the problem, he was shocked to hear that. He immediately replied saying that it was his well wisher who had given the Ring to protect him from evil eyes (Nazar Dosha). Accepting what the client said, Dr. Prem Gupta further explained to him saying that as soon as he will take out his ring on this Saturday, his problem will get totally solved till next Saturday making him feel as if nothing had happened in the past. Lucky enough, he took the recommendation positively and it benefitted him in such a way that the two brothers not only began to respect his each others’ feelings but were also ready to sacrifice anything for each other.

  4. 4
    Property Matters

    The client had sold his two houses which were given out on rent to invest in a new property as the building in which he was staying was going to go under redevelopment after a year. All of a sudden the construction of the new property came to a halt. He got to know through sources that the chances of the construction work starting again are very less. The builder was not ready to return the money. The client was totally tensed and could not concentrate on his work and family life.

    The Solution
    To understand the reason behind this issue, Dr. Prem Gupta had to go in depth of the details. It was extremely difficult to understand as to what had led to this happening. Ultimately it was revealed that the day itself was inauspicious on which the first token money for the property was paid, one that would give rise to troubles. When told about the power of the Muhurat Vigyaan, he felt deep regret. His immediate question was, “What next?”. To get rid of this obstacle, Dr. Prem Gupta suggested him to perform three types of charity. After about three months of performing the three charities, the client breathed a sigh of relief.

  5. 5
    Marriage Problems

    The client’s daughter had been through two divorces. Parents, unable to understand the reason behind the same were very worried. Their daughter was undergoing divorce counseling which was hardly helping. All family members were disheartened and saw no ray of hope.

    The Solution
    Although this problem was troubling the family day and night, to understand the situation when Dr. Prem Gupta went deep into the matter, he came across a careless mistake. The family had not matched the Kundali’s before both the marriages. When Kundalis are not matched on reasonable grounds (uchit aadhar), these kinds of marriage problems are bound to create complications. From the point of view of Jyotish Vigyaan, increasing power of the Seventh House gives remedies for balance so that the Married Life is spent peacefully and happily.

  6. 6
    Career Difficulties

    The client’s son had lived a lavish life and did not want to take up any career or do a job. He would find fault in every career option or job his father or relatives suggested. He was lazy and lacked the ability to take up responsibility. Troubled by the son’s behavior, his family members were completely stressed and did not know what to do.

    The Solution
    If the bedroom of the first child is in the South-East corner, then the child turns out to be irresponsible and disobedient. That is why, to save yourself from these type of issues, Dr. Prem Gupta suggests that following the theory of Vastu Shashtra, is extremely essential. Based on the position of Stars (Nakshatra), giving food in charity would help in solving the problem immediately.

  7. 7
    Job Problems

    The client was in search of a job as his family was going through a lot of financial problems. His father had met with an accident and had to be on bed rest for at least the next six months and his mother had expired when he was a little child. He had put in his best efforts in every interview he gave, but everything failed. Rejections had pulled him down. He could not see a way out.

    The Solution
    Such a complicated matter can actually be referred to as a mountain of problems. When you are surrounded by problems on all sides, your thinking capacity is weakened. When Dr. Prem Gupta, best Vastu Consultant, found the reasons behind these problems, he realized the entire house was in control of Vastu Dosha. Meaning, untill the Vastu Dosha is not resolved, problems will only keep multiplying & the feeling of satisfaction will not be experienced very soon.

  8. 8
    Extra Marital Affair

    The client’s wife was in an extra marital affair with his colleague. He had mixed feelings of anger and disappointment. He had exerted himself by over thinking and had no clue of how to solve the matter. This situation had emotionally and mentally drained him. He used to be disturbed all the time and had cut himself from his family & friends.

    The Solution
    Studying the Lines on the Palm clearly indicated that the matter will only get complicated. This is because, the marriage line had a black spot and Mount of Sun (Shukra Parvat) had a web of lines created which on one hand showed signs off characterless nature and on the other hand also showed possibility of taking a decision to run away from the house. To get rid from this problem he suggested to donate an India Cow (Desi Cow).

  9. 9

    The client with his family had moved into a new house. However, since day one there were quarrels in the house. The client started to become short-tempered. His wife experienced feelings of fear when at home. It also affected their child making him lose interest in studies. All this began to destroy the peace in the family.

    The Solution
    The place where we stay or work is called ‘Vastu’. In this Vastu, there are multiple Dosha because of mistake and ignorance. Every Vastu Dosha creates an impact on our lives. That is why to avoid any adverse situation, it is important to find out the Vastu Dosha and look out for a solution to solve them. The client’s flat had the main entrance in the South-West corner. In addition, the slope of the flat was facing the North-West corner. These were the main reasons for which problems were bound to arise. After performing five remedies, positive results were seen within three months.

  10. 10
    Business Problems

    The client started his business 2 years back. It showed no signs of progress. He tried his level best to improve the conditions. In addition, the loan amount to be returned for starting the business and solving other problems also started piling up. He was the sole earning member in his family and began to go in depression as he could no longer handle the stress.

    The Solution
    After understanding the complete scenario, Best Numerologist, Dr. Prem Gupta realized that there was a salon earlier at that place. Always keep in mind, if you want to start a new business on a place where there has been a salon, it’s important to have a lucky number based on Numerology otherwise, inspite of putting efforts, the business will not run successfully. Within the duration of seven days, two Havan and VASTU SHANTI ceremonies were performed. This helped in reducing the problem.

  11. 11
    Restoring peace and prosperity for a business family

    The Problem
    The client is a businessman having trade interests across the country. He and his family were going through a financial turmoil. This situation was affecting his family’s peace, resulting in regular tiffs and quarrels. They desired to regain their family peace and business stability.

    The Obstacle
    Dr. Prem Gupta read the birth charts of all the members of their family. He then put forward a few enquiries, like did they shift into a new house after his elder son’s marriage was fixed? And did the new bride injure her foot badly in the new home? The client was surprised at these questions and could not help staring at each other in astonishment. As this is exactly what had happened. Dr. Prem Gupta’s questions were actually the indication to the problems.

    He told the client that there was hardly anything wrong in the kundlis, the Agni dosh was the hurdle in their business. It was preventing the success of their business projects. The Dwar Dosh, which blemished the entrance of the new bride into the house, was the cause of family tiffs. Their house was afflicted with Vastu Dosh.

    The Solution
    Puja-Anushthan to relieve the abode from vastu dosh was organized. Through sessions of astrology and palmistry they were counseled to get rid of their difficulties. Through our corporate services the client was helped out of his financial and trade crisis.

    Services Offered

    • Puja-Anushthan for Dwar Dosh, Agni Dosh and Vastu Dosh
    • Astrology & Palmistry
    • Business Consultancy

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    Turning around the fortunes of a family

    The Problem
    The client’s two sisters and his elder daughter were in their early 40’s and late 20’s but showed no interest in the prospect of marriage. The sisters had an influence on the girl and she chose to follow their footsteps.

    The Obstacle
    After conversing with both the sisters separately, it was established that their thought process and style were strange. Their behavioral and psychological attitude was not balanced. This was manipulating the client’s daughter as well, who was very fond of her aunts.

    The Solution
    Four sittings for Jeevan Parivartan were arranged with the clients’ sisters to bring a change in their lives. The women were requested not to wear any dark clothes for the meetings. We never explained or influenced them towards anything during these meetings, we only heard them out. The meetings were not meant to convince but to comprehend. The sisters co-operated during the sittings letting the expert team get an insight of the matter.

    It was concluded that if explained from the viewpoint of Jyotish Shastra, they would adhere to the advices given. At the last sitting, which was also the longest, the sisters were enlightened about their accountabilities and faults. They realized that their way of life and opinions are preventing them from moving forward with the passing time. With the support and guidance of our expert team, today these sisters are living a contented married life.

    The daughter’s name was changed based on the calculations of numerology, on a Friday, her fortunate day of the week. She too started getting marriage proposals just after the change of name, but preferred a love marriage. She too is enjoying a blissful nuptial life.

    Services Offered

    • Jeevan Parivartan
    • Astrology & Palmistry
    • Numerology

  13. 13
    Astrology and Numerology for Matrimonial and Psychological prosperity

    The Problem
    The client had a younger sister, in her late twenties. The brother was worried about the sudden change that would occur in the girl’s behavior every evening. She would behave normally throughout the day but become grumpy in the evenings. Her depression even led to the failure of a marriage alliance. She became very nagging and started finding faults with everything.

    The Obstacle
    On observing the girl’s birth charts (Janam Kundli), it was deciphered that she has not only been deprived of love and affection but also never got justice throughout her life. The need of affection and respect always made her feel disappointed. It was this emptiness that triggered the feelings of depression, which translated into the erratic behavior.

    The Solution
    A Navchandi Havan was performed to relieve the woman of her stress, and she was asked to wear a (Manek) ruby gemstone. Immediate improvements were noticed and soon after, she received a marriage proposal, referred by a relative. She has been happily married and is leading a joyful nuptial life.

    Services Offered

    • Puja-Anushthan
    • Astrology & Palmistry
    • Shubhanjali

  14. 14
    360 Degree Vastu Shastra based Business Consulting

    The Problem
    The client was disturbed about the continuous losses his company was facing. His factories and fifteen offices spread across the country were going through a financial turmoil. He had resorted to all sorts of remedies to overcome these problems, but in vain. The three directors of the company too had tried all tricks suggested by all and sundry, but the condition only deteriorated.

    The Obstacle
    The client believed in the fruits of hard work and honesty. He had been inconsiderate towards the Vastu intricacies when selecting his office and installation machinery. They never considered the importance of direction, place, time, planetary importance, colors and numbers. Rather when somebody would like to enlighten them on these issues, they would brush it aside.

    The Solution
    The improvements to be done for the client’s business had to be performed in a perfectly composed manner. Any mistakes would have resulted in further losses. Keeping this in mind, Dr. Prem Gupta started the purification and correction treatment of the Tarapur factory, followed by the Mumbai and Kolkata offices.

    The results began to show, the business started recovering and so did the client’s belief in Vastu. Further benefits in the business led to the corrections of the rest of the offices. The Raipur office was the last to be worked upon, since it was the least profitable one. However, since the past 8 years, the Raipur plant accounts for the highest return on investments to the client.

    Along with the Vastu, a number of employees were replaced. Everything that Dr. Prem Gupta felt could create a hindrance in the progress of the clients business was changed including the websites. Today, the client is very satisfied with the success of his business.

    Services Offered

    • Vastu Shastra
    • Business Consultancy – Manpower, Business communications, Brand Identity

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