Vastu Shastra For Corporate Office

Companies often underestimate the difference created by a Vastu compliant logo, stationery, website, selecting and constructing office spaces, warehouses etc. Applying the laws of Vastu and Astrology to business can not only lead you to success, but also balance creativity, pragmatism and aesthetics.

Corporate Services

Constant loss in business or stagnancy in trade, we often ward off these problems by calling these commercial ups and downs. But often recovering from these circumstances seems unmanageable. You need someone in this scenario to show you the guiding light. Someone who can advise and educate you on issues which unfavourably affect all the hard work you put into your work.

Dr. Prem Gupta counsels you on the various topics that you might have neglected when starting your business and shows you the scope for definite improvement.

Making a vastu and astrology based business communication involves tweaking the colors, fonts, shapes, images, and design of the creative at hand. While suggesting modification, special care is taken to maintain certain parameters critical for your business, company vision and industry benchmarks. Even while hiring employees or undertaking any partnership activities consultancy form the Jyotish Shastra turns out to be helpful.

Even when buying or hiring a space the Vastu requirements should be referred for. Sick units can also be revived into profitable ones through proper guidance, counseling and treatment. The company logo is the crux of your corporate identity, the face of your brand. It is therefore given primary attention to make sure that we advise a company logo that is perfectly in accordance with the principles of vastu and astrology.

Vastu – Powered Corporate Identity

Vastu for Business is for businesses and professionals who believe and wish to learn how a vastu compliant corporate identity can pave the way for success and achievements.

Through several rounds of consultancy and on-going feedbacks that help you correct and improve your corporate communications in accordance with Astro-Vastu guidelines.

Dr. Prem Gupta : The Guiding Light

People have relied on Dr. Prem Gupta for their end-to-end business communications and achieved progressive results.

For Websites :

With an in-house team of designers and content writers, Dr. Prem Gupta ensures the designing and execution of your corporate communications yielding beneficial results. He also consults and recommends Vastu-generated design changes for your corporate identity and company logo.

A Corporate Identity Makeover – The Vastu Way!

Dr. Prem Gupta has a complete package that starts with analysing the horoscopes of the business owner(s), their aspirations and business goals. On the basis of this analysis, he properly guides the incorporation of these suggestions into your business identity, your office location and other business spaces like showrooms, warehouses, etc.

Dr. Prem Gupta’s 360-degree consultancy gives you a chance to avail a complete analysis and compliance that can prove extremely beneficial for your long term business goals.

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