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Dr. Prem Gupta Shubhanjali
Spiritual items and artefacts assume a lot of importance for vastu, Feng Shui and astrology practitioners. Gems, gemstones, beads, shankha, rudrakshmala, pyramids or crystal balls and various yantras hold significance for the healing and treatment process. But selecting the appropriate and authentic spiritual item is a matter of challenge. It is best to seek an expert’s advice with an extensive knowledge in the field.

Dr. Prem Gupta has is in himself a congregation of various qualities and he believes in imparting his knowledge to the best use for others. He advises people on how to choose the correct spiritual items according to their psychic needs. He also educates on how to test the authenticity of a product, when buying.

The range Not just a Spiritual Item

Every product that has been ‘abhimantrit’ or purified with due process to increase and maintain its potency also needs to be scrutinized. The purification process is extensive and exclusive and can only be performed by individuals who possess the knowledge and expertise for the same, therefore substantiating on the accuracy is also a matter of importance.

While one can get hundreds of spiritual items off the shelves or through TV or online shopping portals, Dr. Prem Gupta’s instructs on how to examine the authenticity and the power of the purification process.

Authentic, Pure, and Potent

Dr. Prem Gupta has procured extensive knowledge in the field of identifying and studying about spiritual items and the process of their purification. He therefore knows how to test and divulges to others his knowledge of the same.

Not Mass Produced but Handpicked

Mass sellers and most astrologers might not be able to provide with authentic spiritual items and astrological gemstones, as they have to be properly chosen from the correct producers who are known to make authentic products.

Products produced in bulk might be impure or adulterated and thus, not have similar effects. In addition, the proper methods of using the spiritual items and astrological gemstones are not given. Mass sellers cannot perform Puja-Anushthan to increase the power and sanctity of the items either. Dr. Prem Gupta educates and ensures the usage of genuine products, as they are more effective and more potent.

Applications of all the spiritual items are clearly explained by him. Details provided regarding spiritual items are

  • Complete information about the item
  • Conventions for use
  • When to wear and how to use the item
  • Which astrological gemstone should be worn with which metal
  • Other important procedures

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